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Every Moment After

The debut novel by Joseph Moldover

EVERY MOMENT AFTER follows the survivors of an elementary school shooting through their last summer before moving on to adult life. It begins on the day of high school graduation as students gather for commencement around 18 empty, black-draped chairs, a memorial to their classmates slain eleven years earlier.

The story follows graduating seniors Cole Hewitt and Matt Simpson. Complete opposites, Cole and Matt have nonetheless been best friends from earliest childhood. Both were students in the first-grade classroom ravaged by the shooting, along with their close friend Andy Gerber, who was lost that day.  Read More

Every Moment After is the most deeply felt and genuinely compassionate portrait of a male friendship I can imagine. Written with humor, raw emotion, and brutal honesty, it pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. I’m in awe of what Joseph Moldover has accomplished with this outstanding novel.”

Patrick Ryan
author of The Dream Life of Astronauts and Saints of Augustine

Joseph Moldover


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